Created and hosted by #yourfavoritelibraduo Qianathegoddess and DJ FMI, VPR Radio (Voice of the People Radio) highlights Independent Artists and tackles social injustices through impactful and thought-provoking discussions to inspire actionable change.

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Your Favorite Libra Duo


Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, DJ F.M.I. (Finally Made It) hit the nightclub scene at 16, where he started spinning local private events, house parties, backyard raves, and Sweet Sixteen parties. He quickly transitioned from partying at the clubs to headlining them.

He has traveled the globe, performing in some of the most prestigious night clubs, music venues, and festivals. With exceptional turntable skills and diverse musical taste, DJ Finally Made It is cemented as one of the most sought-after DJs in the world, releasing multiple chart-topping albums, remixes, and singles. F.M.I. appears in venues throughout the East Coast and abroad, incorporating music from every genre into his sets as he keeps the crowd dancing.

Thursdays, F.M.I. brings his talent as a DJ and intellectual to the V.P.R. (Voice of the People Radio) forum, engaging in live discussions and ground-breaking interviews with live guests and Qianathegoddess.



New York City native Qiana Williams (Aka Qiana the Goddess) is a fashion and entertainment marketing expert and owner of Goddess Media, Inc. For the past twelve years, Qiana has trademarked herself as an effective branding specialist and digital marketer- and recently became Certified by Google in Data Analytics with ® Programming.

Qiana formerly volunteered at A.C.S. (Administration for Children’s Service) and visits junior and high schools in NYC to speak on entrepreneurship. Her vision is to inspire children and empower young women. The goal is helping them build and increase self-esteem while learning to remain diligent in pursuing their dreams, regardless of societal, financial, and educational inequities.

Ms. Williams looks forward to spearheading programs and workshops to expand their career options and equip young women with valuable life and business skills.

Each Thursday, Qianathegoddess enjoys delving into the minds of featured guests on V.P.R. (Voice of the People Radio) and having thought-provoking and fun discussions with DJ F.M.I.

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